School Achievement
Won National Championship

F1 in Schools India Nationals 

Fastest Car Award Winner 

This was one of the hardest journey’s I took in any STEM competitions I ever did. Evidently, the goal was to create a model F1 car from Balsa block. it was powered by a CO2 canister which gave it thrust like a rocket. The design of the car required a lot of specifications similar to F1's own design challenges.

Also, the functions of teams participating in this competition were to create a pit booth to showcase your development and design. Create a website and have a strong online presence. Find sponsors so that more cars could be manufactured for R&D purposes and the design of Pit booth could be built. We designed and tested 6 cars with different wing and body designs for maximum speeds.

This was one of the biggest endeavour where stakes were huge. Honestly, we were just 6 students from 8th Standard who were trying to solve engineering and finance problems. Designing our own axels, wheels and ball bearings for reaching max speeds.

The effort paid its price. We won the fastest car award(67 kmph | 180mm ) at India Nationals and Best pit booth award at Regionals. We couldn’t make it to Internationals though but it is because of this I developed my keen sense of STEM capabilities.

The Blue and White Car was the one "WINGS 180"